"Mana reaction in the Magi Sphere. Let us proceed with caution."


"Target confirmed. Allow me to support you, Master."

A Runefolk gunman using a magitech gun. Unlike the other races, Runefolk are the descendents of an artificial race created by an ancient civilization. They may look like humans, but they always have some artificial parts.

Magitech is the ability to create and control the magical technology of that ancient race. MagiTechnicians (or MagiTechs) can create different kinds of bullets, like the offensive Solid Bullet or the curative Healing Bullet. The Precise Shot combat feat lets the MagiTech fire into the fray and hit the enemy.

Runefolk have the racial abilities HP Conversion and Darkvision. HP conversion allows the Runefolk to convert his own HP into MP. This lets him cast a spell even after he's overused his magic. Darkvision allows the Runefolk to see clearly even in the dark.

This MagiTech is able to deliver powerful attacks with his trusty sidearm. Use that beloved weapon to shoot down all your enemies!

  • Clockwise from top
    Attack Power 4
    Defense Power 1
    Magic Ability 4
    Support Ability 3
    Versatility 2
    Burst Power 4