Nightmare Brawler
I going to pummel you as much as I like. Prepare yourself.

I should applaud you for being able to see my fist.

The Nightmare Brawler is able to use both martial arts and manipulation magic.

Nightmares were born of a mutation from elves, humans and dwarves. Their appearance does not differ that much from regular people, though small, inconspicuous horns sprout from their head. Highly capable creatures, they possess the essence of both a fighter and a magician.

Grappling is a type of combat skill specialized in unarmed combat. Able to use combat featss only available to grapplers, this character can inflict damage on the enemy with their swift and agile movements. Using the Additional Attack feat the Nightmare Brawler can attack twice, and with the Throw Attack feat they can knock the enemy prone and prevent them from moving. The brawler can fight in many ways. On top of all that the brawler can use manipulation magic to strengthen himself or his allies.

Nightmares have the racial abilities Alternate Form and Weakness. When they use Alternate Form the Nightmare's horns enlarge and their skin changes to a pale white. In this form they can use magic merely by thinking without requiring the use of their voice. The Weakness racial ability makes nightmares weaker against silver weapons and specific kinds of attributes.

Outsiders from the rest of the races, while they possess the dangerous Weakness, they more than make up for it with peerless physical abilities and superior magic skills. With mastery of fist and magic, let's shout that name to the world.

  • Clockwise from top
    Attack Power 5
    Defense Power 2
    Magic Ability 3
    Support Ability 3
    Versatility 2
    Burst Power 2